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Black oxide questions.

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  • Black oxide questions.

    I tried the black oxide kit for the first time today. I ordered it with the dry sealer.

    While hanging my knives to dry I noticed they have a shiny area at the tip, which I'm guessing is from the sealer running down to the bottom areas of the knife and building up while it was hanging. Is there a way to prevent this other than trying to shake the sealer of better? Should I wipe it with a cloth or is there a better method to keep this from happening?

    I know it's a minor issue that probably has a simple fix, but I'm going to re-bead blast this and try again. I know everything has a learning curve, but I'd rather not have to redo it a bunch of times if I can help it before I figure out the best way to go about blackening my blades.


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    Here is one other knife. I am assuming I just have an excess of the sealer on it as i can see runs on it and some build up from it.


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      Either shake them off after a couple of minutes, or use a air brush to apply it in light coats over several minutes.
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        How do I get a blackish finish with a slight green tint?