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Any motorcycle guys out there? ... I've got questions....

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  • Any motorcycle guys out there? ... I've got questions....

    Hello everyone?.

    This is my first post?. New to the site.

    Looking to find those motorcycle (or auto) restorers to share their expertise. I have been browsing Caswell for a while, they have so many great looking products. It almost makes it difficult to choose! I have been looking to purchase some of the kits (powder coat, black-krome, plug-n-plate). Also, looking at the VHT line of products for exhaust applications, and possibly for body pieces (metal).

    I want to find the products that have a low learning curve, and don?t require massive shop set up costs. I am not trying to do a 100% ground up resto, most of my bikes are hybrid 60?s and 70?s models. Just want something that looks great and is durable. Basically I am new to this, and need someone with some experience to give me the run down from A-Z. If anyone has some tried and true techniques for engines, pipes, chrome, wheels, etc. I would greatly appreciate hearing about the products you like best. I?ve got a little bit of everything to work on. It?s probably a lot to ask, but thought I?d give it a shot here. Thanks for reading and take care.


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    Welcome to the boards.....

    If I were in your shoes, I'd try the polishing first. It's not really difficult per se, but labor intensive (and messy). The start-up costs are relatively low and you can get that out of the way. After that.... I'd check out the powder coating stuff. A little more advanced than the polishing, but nowhere near what you have to go through for plating/anodizing. Once you've played with that for a while... you should have a good "feel" and most of your set-up for plating and or anodizing already (with exception to the power supplies). By that point you'll already have an air compressor and some chemicals built up around there to give you a good running head start on that kind of stuff. But all of that is just my .02


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      While not a "motorcycle", I've just about finished a very similar project myself. I fully restored a 1987 Yamaha Banshee ATV over the past couple months. I farmed out a couple large pieces to the local powdercoater, but the rest I did right here in my garage, primarily paint and polishing. Oh, 3 pieces went to the platers too..

      Check out the pics and some of the process HERE

      I agree with non-stick. Polishing is inexpensive to get started with and the results can be spectacular.

      Good luck!


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        I myself am just starting. I plan to Powder coat parts for my project car. Along the way I want to do pieces for friends and other hot rodders to offset the cost. The best part is that the wife gave me permission to by an Air compressor :P If you already have one the PC set up would be very low cost. All this due to the fact I would not pay $75 to have someone do my Valve covers, what do I do, spend $500 and do it myself.