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why is my black oxide get cloudy white...

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  • why is my black oxide get cloudy white...

    Hey guys, been black oxideing some steel parts for my father in laws business for a couple months, I found that heating the oxide/water mix heated up to just above room temp seems to make the oxide form to the steel much better. But.... now the mixture is getting cloudy white and a bunch of white mud forming on the bottom of the stainless steel pot. Am I causeing this? Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening? Thanks guys, brian

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    Re: why is my black oxide get cloudy white...

    Sounds like you are using the metal blackening solution which is not a true black oxide.

    If that is what you are using, I suggest you filter the solution through paper towels or coffee filters. If that clears up the solution, then do not put it in a stainless steel container. Use a plastic container and do not heat the solution.

    After you use the solution many times it becomes weak and takes much longer to turn the part black. It will finally get too weak to turn the part black at which time you need a new bath.

    The metal blackening solution works really well in that it turns the part black but it provides no significant corrosion/rust prevention. You have to coat the part after blackening with a drying oil or something like clear acrylic.

    Jerry Hudgens