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black oxide instant rust after rinsing!!

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  • black oxide instant rust after rinsing!!

    I am doing alot of studs & very small screws, i glassbead them, polish to a luster then oxide them. the directions state to rinse with warm water after you pull your parts out of oxide solution. The minute i do this and air starts hitting parts they are turning to rust. Why??

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    Re: black oxide instant rust after rinsing!!

    The so called black oxide you are using is not a true black oxide. It provides no significant protection against rust. I have used it many times and it works well in that it turns the parts black. To keep the part from rusting, you need to dip it in the drying oil that you can buy from the vendor that sold you the metal blackening solution. After your parts have been blackened, rinse them in tap water and immediately put them in the drying oil. Let them soak for several minutes and then let them air dry. Once they are air dried, you could spray them with clear acrylic for additional protection. Or, you could skip the drying oil soak and immediately after rinsing, dry them with a clean cloth and coat them with clear acrylic.

    Also, your part must be completely free of rust before you put it in the blackening solution.

    Jerry Hudgens