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Polishing before Copy Chrome

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  • tbloss001
    First, remember that prep is everything.
    If whatever you plate isn't polished well, then your plate won't be either; it will just mirror your original finish. Also remember, if you plate over a bad finish with the thought that "I'll just polish the copy krome after it's plated" you're really doubling your work and wasting plate. Odds are, you'll polish through your copy krome long before you get the finish you're looking for and then you'll have to plate it again.

    Second, you can't plate nickel or copy krome directly to aluminum.
    You'll need to zink it first.

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  • Hosted
    started a topic Polishing before Copy Chrome

    Polishing before Copy Chrome

    How well do things have to be polished before copy chrome? I would imagine very good, but does it have to be perfect? This will be done on aluminum also. Thanks