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Cleaning Oxidized Aluminum With Sand Blasting Media?

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  • freematt
    I read up on Zoop and I don't think it's the right stuff for auto parts that willl be subjected to salt spray. maybe a catalyzed clear coat, or silver or clear colored powder coating?

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  • customandsound
    Guest replied
    you may be able to glass bead them or use a poly media . then repolish them and coat them with zoop ......

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  • Cleaning Oxidized Aluminum With Sand Blasting Media?

    The salt on the roads in winter here in the rust belt really messes up aluminum parts like transmission cases, timing covers, alternators, manifolds and valve covers I understand that some of the "sand blasting" abrasives used to remove rust from steel are not good for aluminum. Are there abrasives that can be used safely on aluminum? And what about durable coatings to finish aluminum after blasting, other than powder coating?