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    We "my husband and I" are in the process of buying a 4.5 gallon triple chrome plating kit. Its small time but with the intentions of having this as an additional income. Is there a true profit with the chroming business? I was thinking of buying and reselling at first. Would like an experienced business owner to reply that also started out small.

    Also is house hold digresser acceptable?

    Mrs. hdrideon

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    I'd most certainly think there was profit to be made triple chrome plating objects for the consumer. Think of it this way.... you just bought a house and the backings to all of the keyways are dull and without lustre. Where do you bring them? To a chromer? Sure.... you can do that. OR.... do you see that ad on the bulletin board of your local grocery store and get the same results for less and help out an individual at the same time. Personally.... I'd go with the individual. Why stop there. I can send you my hinges,heater vent grates and all odd assortment of parts to do all at once and probably get it all done for MUCH less than I would from the bigger company. Now.. multiply that one person times how many see the ad wherever you put it and you have yourself a successful little side business there. Fishing equipment, car parts, household goods, arts/crafts.... there's no limit to what you can do on the hobbyist stage of things. Reselling the things you buy isn't really going to be profitable because let's face it.... if you bought it here for a dollar, you'd have to sell it as used somewhere for at best 75 cents. You just lost 25% of your money. Nope.... the profit is to be made using the equipment and the return far outweighs the cost. Many people on here do exactly what you are doing with great success ( take a look in the photo albums. ) That should give you some indicator as to the results you can acheive with the products here.

    Household degreaser.... as in simple green and isopropyl alcohol you can find in the hardware store? Yes.... we use that all the time.

    Hope that helps..... Russ


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      that is all i do... simple green works great .. i do a 50/50 mix in a tank and bring it to a simmer and it eats the grime off ... but for bad parts i dip them in a hot tank and let them in there for an hour ... kerosene is a great degrease and it is the main product in a lot of cleaners ... and it is water soluble


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        Thanks for the great info!!