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Need Help w/ Black Oxide Kit

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  • Need Help w/ Black Oxide Kit

    Well I can't seem to log into the tech support area so this is the backup...

    I'm using the black oxide kit on some hot rolled steel squre tubing pieces. They are too large for dunking and I was hoping to brush it on the piece instead. It works OK, but I'm getting a blotchy effect because the black oxide solution doesn't adhere to the steel like a paint or varnish wood - there is nothing "sticky" about the solution and it beads up and runs off. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to solve this - I'm looking to give the steel a uniform "tint" after welding/grinding, etc. Sort of like a wood stain would do for wood.

    Ideas -

    lower the concentrate to water ratio. Maybe it would work better at 4:1 or 5:1 instead of 9:1? Good idea? Bad idea?

    Heat up the part or the solution first.

    Add a bit of dish soap to the soution to break up the surface tension? Probably mess it up but could work.

    Any help or other ideas would be most welcome.


    - Ray

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    Black Oxide

    When I purchased the kit 1.5 gal My intention was to refinish a BB Gun.
    I could not fit the receiver and barrel into the buckte. I went to the hardware store and got a wallpaper tub made of plastic. It was long enough for me to lay the gun in and worked very well.


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      i also just purchased this kit and my first try the parts came out with a complete uniform black coat , almost looks like black paint.. i dunked the parts and left them in the solution for 7 minutes each step rather than brushing it on..


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        Depending on how many parts you are going to process (and their size) you might consider pvc tubing (i.e. 2", 4"). Put an end cap on each end then cut in 1/2 with a bandsaw. Make them any length you need.