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Looking for a MASKING product for blasting ops

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  • Looking for a MASKING product for blasting ops

    I am looking for a masking product to protect certain components while blasting other nearby components. We are currently covering the areas with a heavy rubber and wrapping the rubber with wire to hold it in place. This is a very time consuming process. I have looked at 3M products like adhesive blasting tape, and SpeedMask (UV curable masking). The tape didnt hold up to the blasting intensity (We are using black beauty and steel shot), the SpeedMask was suppose to be easy to peel away but really wasnt. We cannot leave a residue on the material we are covering up, we need to protect the area, and apply the coverup in a timely fashion is important. If anyone has ANY product suggestions they would be appreciated! Thank you.[/b]

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    I have had good luck with rubber cement. It also balls up off of more polished surfaces.


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      Thermal Spray tapes may work

      Have you tried any thermal spray tapes? St. Gobain makes some that are EXTREMELY heavy duty and are used in High Velocity Oxygen Fuel, plasma spray and grit blasting.

      In particular, their H7525 is a fiberglass impregnated silicone rubber tape with aluminum foil laminated to it. Very tough stuff, and I know of people that use it in grit blasting situations (though I admit I don't know if they are using the same media that you are).

      The silicone adhesive, although aggressive, should peel off with the tape and not leave residue. Many industrial masking supply companies carry these tapes, though be prepared: they are rather pricey. Hope that helps - good luck!


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        heavy leather should work to .... do a search on etching i forget what company sell's that heavy stuff it don't break down fast....