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  • Techline Coatings?

    What is the procedure for the Satin Black? And how long does it take to let it air dry?

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    i think that is the same kind of satin black i use .. i spray it with and let it air dry for 24 hrs to make sure it is dry .. but i tell the customers not to install any thing for 48 hrs that way it is completely dry


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      That's what i was thinking. I should have my order of it Friday and the customer is suppose to get it back on sunday. That means i need to spray it has soon has i get it. Is it alright to use a rust preventive solution before it is sprayed?


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        i didn't i blasted the part then coated ..... so i can't say yes or no to that one .... the rust pervent... has to be a high temp to or it will bubble off and take your coating with it .... i don't see any thing on the can about it either ..... if you do use it let me know what the out come is


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          I cant remember the name of the stuff. All you do is wipe it on. Its like phosphric something or another.