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  • How do I finish this

    I am fixing up (90% restoration) a 1975 Motoguzzi 850T. I disassembled the wheels to clean polish etc. and ran into a problem. To build these wheels originally, cast hubs, an aluminum alloy rim and metric sized stainless steel spokes were used . The spoke 'nipples' are (were) a chrome plated brass.

    I have been able to get the hubs, rims and spokes looking good but my problem is the spoke nipples.... first off there is 80 of them and as I said, at one time they were chrome plated brass. The problem is much of the chrome plating has weathered away and the brass is tarnished..

    I looked into getting replacements but I found that I cannot buy spoke nipples (alone) to use with the spokes I already have because the spokes I have use an oddball thread. I can get replacement spoke/nipple sets but it'll cost me over $2 a spoke (in other words about $200).

    I could clean up an reuse the spoke nipples I have but the problem with doing that is once I clean them up, they will not all look the same (they all look the same now....grungy.....) Once I clean them up some will be silver because of the chrome plating that is still there and others will look like shiny brass (at least until the brass tarnishes again)

    If I could strip the chrome, and then polish the brass, they would at least be all the same color (until the brass tarnishes). But I don't know how to strip the chrome...I think the cost on having a chrome shop do this work would be close to the cost of buying the spoke/nipple sets

    Any ideas on how to cheaply strip the chrome on 80 spoke nipples?
    How about replating them?


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    Can you tell me how you went about polishing the stainless steel spokes?