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  • EPA guidelines

    Dear Caswell, I am thinking about buying your
    big triple chrome plating kit and opening a small business in my area.The question is what do I need to worry about from the EPA.Do I need to have a water treatment unit to dispose of waste water,Are they costly ? recommends not even opening a business up because it will cost 10's of thousands of dollars.Also how do I get rid of old Chemicals? . Thank you very much.

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    Re: EPA guidelines

    EPA guidelines differ from state to state and municipaility to municipality.

    We've spoken to EPA representatives in New York state about our products and they are not concerned with amounts of solution in our kits.

    Our manual teaches you a zero wastewater method of plating. You MUST NOT dispose of any plating solutions or waste water, except at an approved hazmat dump.

    Most municipal dumps have a hazmat facility (for old paint, old, etc.) and will dispose of used plating solutions. Evaporate the water first so the amount is much smaller.
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