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    Can anyone tell me if I can use a copy chrome kit to plate cast iron?

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    i am not sure about this one .. you can contact caswell direct there # is on there webpage.


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      Re: cast iron

      If you are just using copy chrome a good rule of thumb to remember is that is if a magnet will stick so will Copy Chrome
      now if you are plating plastics aluminum or pot metals there are other things you must do first
      i have done cast stearing knuckels on jeeps many times works great
      Jim Eaton


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        Re: cast iron

        Traciej68, sure, you can plate cast iron.

        Degrease and clean the part.
        Use the gelled type paint stripper to remove any paint.
        Wash off and dry.
        Bead blast the part to get all the rust off the part.
        Buff with a Nylox (or similar) abrasive wheel (will brighten up the final plating appearence).
        One more scrub down with Caswell degreaser.
        Rinse well (tap water ok for this step)!
        Dip for (30) seconds in nickel pickel.
        30 second distilled water rinse.
        Go "Hot" (electrically connected) into the bath.
        Lots of large air bubble action in your tank.
        Anode at least 3" away from part.
        Increase the current by a 2X factor for the first (3) minutes (insures it starts to plate rather then rust in the solution).
        Plate for at least 1 1/2 hours (.0015-.002" plate thickness).

        The picture shown is the results you should get (If I uploaded it ok).

        George W.
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