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Sandblasting and polishing.

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  • Sandblasting and polishing.

    As christmas is nearing I may be requesting some higher volume plating kits than the plug'n'plate systems that I've been using.

    What I am to rechrome are a few sets of golf clubs. I plan to do this:

    Strip the existing finish and cut deeper grooves into the clubs. This will be followed by a layer of copper and then nickel (a common procedure for golf club production involving chrome).

    Hard Chrome seems the obvious choice, as durability is the greatest issue at hand. Here are where my questions begin.

    What will the surface look like once the layer of chrome is complete? Will it have a shine or more of a dull, satin finish? Will I need to polish the clubheads or will there be an acceptable look without it? If someone could direct me to any pictures of unpolished chromed metal I'd be most greatful.

    I also plan to sandblast the scoring lines. This involves taping off a majority of the clubhead so that only an exclusive part can be blasted. I would assume the best time to seal the clubhead would be after this blasting, and my question is how resiliant is this sealing when the purpose of the object to be plated is to be repeatedly beat into the ground and smashing a little white ball?