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White Compound Turns Black?

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  • White Compound Turns Black?

    As you suggested,I got some of the white compound to polish my sandblasted stainless steel grill parts. I also got the large felt bob kit.

    However, within five seconds of putting bob to steel, the bob turns completely black, and black stuff is smeared all over the metal. I don\'t mean the bob is a little discolored, I mean it is completely, shiny black, like a chunk of coal. And, the black stuff is smeared on the metal and does not rub off easily when I try to wipe it away.

    Am I doing something wrong? I am using water, but can\'t get much on the piece because the compound does not seem to be water soluable, and water just runs off. Should I use some kind of oil?

    Also, how should the compound be applied? I am running the bob against the bar to try to load the bob with compound.

    Also, is there any way to get the black stuff off the bob?

    I am using an air die it turning too fast, or am I using too much pressure?

    John Phillips - Grillman

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    Re: White Compound Turns Black?

    Why are you using water? There\'s no need to use any sort of liquid.

    You might want to read our free buffing manual at

    You shouldn't be applying the bob to the compound for more than 1 second. SOunds like you are overloading it with compound. Use less and you won't get clumps of it on the workpiece.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      All compounds will turn black once used, pretty much immediatly. You do not need to remove anything on bobs, just tap the bob to the compound for a split second on a medium speed to get some on it. A little compound goes a long way, and a lot of compound goes no where. Wheels are another story with compound caking, but use far less compound and read the manual about cutting and polishing strokes and movements. Your problem is mainly overloading the bob with compound not allowing it to cut properly. Good luck!