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Coating Brake Rotors

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  • Coating Brake Rotors

    Hi folks, I'm a newbie with a typical newbie question.

    I'd to coat new brake rotors for my car, to prevent the corrosion that goes along with exposed metal and heat.

    I have tried hi-temp spray paint in the past and I'm never happy with the results.

    I'd prefer a black color, but the least expensive and most effective, as well the least interfence with heat transfer/cooling of the rotors, is a higher priority than the color.

    At first glance, it appears Caswell's Black Oxide Kit is the solution. But there is no reference to temp resistance.

    Will the Black Oxide Kit coating stand up to high heat, such as a brake rotor experience (this is for spirited street driving, so it gets hot, several hundred degrees, but NOT glowing red like NASCAR)? As well, the extreme corrosive environment?

    If not, what would be the best coating?

    What about the coating the swept area of the rotor?? Will it interfere with the brake pads?? How deep does the coating and sealer penetrate the metal, will it wear down to bare metal under the swept area of the brake Pad quickly? Should I Mask off the swept area of the rotor, to prevent it from being coated?? If so, can I use normal masking tape or do I need something special?

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    I can't say for sure on the black oxide coating working with the high temps of brake rotors but I would think it would be alright. I can tell you for sure that black is the preferred color for heat dissappation and you'll need to either mask off the pad swept area or have a skim cut on the rotors after coating. If you black oxide your rotors, be sure to let us know the end results.


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      I've done tons of rotors with techlines ceramic coatings never had any problems it ends as a satin finish ( semi gloss)
      they are under REPAIR section on caswell.


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        i powder coated mine the powder held up better that i thought


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          Re: Coating Brake Rotors

          Black Oxiding certainly won't withstand the heat, wet and overall abuse.

          Almost any coating would do better. Look at VHT & Krylon Caliper paints.
          Mike Caswell
          Caswell Inc

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