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Sand or bead blasting Q sorry, im a noob just starting

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  • Sand or bead blasting Q sorry, im a noob just starting

    What is the minimum PSI for sand or bead blasting if I just want to make a satin finsh on aluminum? I no this is over specific so if you dont no then just make a guess but tell me if its a guess or you are pretty sure. Also caustic etching makes a matte finish, is that similer to bead blasting finish? Thanks, Eric Laakmann

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    Hey Eric.
    PSI is not as important as flow rate. You can blast glass bead using a vacuum style gun with as little as 40 or 50 psi BUT you'll need a minimum of 12 to 15cfm compressor just to do small parts on a regular basis. (& still give it a rest every 15 mins to cool down) I've never tried etching so I can't help you there sorry!!!
    Cheers Terry.


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      i shoot :

      Glass bead 80 psi
      Black beauty 90 psi
      oxide 80psi

      when i prep headers for ceramic i shoot them at 70 psi

      All fine/med grit


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        Hey customandsound,
        Do you do this for different surface finishes obtained at different pressures or is it more to do with the different blasting media requiring different pressure to be more effective?
        I blast with glass bead or garnet and have tried different pressures years ago & didn't notice any difference '', so I've not bothered regulating the pressure so pressure varies from 150 psi to 80 psi depending on how the compressor is keeping up the supply.
        Cheers Terry.