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  • Identifying metal type

    Sorry, I tried to search this out, but no results. The first & formost thing I need to find out is what the metal is that I'd like to replate - it's hardware off of a drumset that is pretty old & looks to be nickle plated. Much of the old drum hardware was pot metel, some steel, and newer drum hardware is aluminum. Is there a way to for sure find out what a part is made of by any kind of test?
    Secondly, would it be advisable to sandblast the plating off; I've got a blasting cabinet I'm setting up & haven't used yet. If so, what blasting medium?

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    Testing metal...

    Steel==use a magnet if it sticks then its carbon steel.
    stainless steel== muratic acid if it does nothing then its stainless.
    Aluminum==muratic acid if it does nothing then its alum.
    Pot metal=== muratic acid if it turns black and reacting its pot metal.

    This test is if it is bair metal, but the parts might be plated. You can sand blast or grind the part to see if it is plated. I like to grind with a 3M disk at med. or course. If you have a flapper wheel maybe 80--180 grit wheel will work also on a die grinder straight ro 90 end grinder.


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      Thanks for the info!