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    Well, I received my SilvaChrome kit and finally had a chance to do some testing with it today. I tired 2 different tests with it. The first one was a total disaster .... Then with some help for another member JDee, the second test went better. But still not the results that I need.
    I was doing a that was about 4" X 6".

    After applying the silver, it looked great in 75%, but there were some spots that had a brownish color.

    Then after I gave it the final rinse with distilled water, it left some milky areas? I went ahead and tried to top coat it, and that is when it really went down hill. It immeadiatly turned goldish brown. I also got many spots that looked like the the silver was cracking under the clear.

    The color was really bad after the clear.

    Any other suggestions as to what to try? Also, thanks JDee for the help to day. I'm going to give it another try next weekend.


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    Post a problem report in PRS at and we'll help you out.

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