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Making Chrome look 'old'

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  • Making Chrome look 'old'

    I have an old mirror that I want to put on my truck but the problem is that its too nice. My old truck is original and either has worn, pitted or rusted chrome and this new mirror will stand out like a sore thumb! Is grinding or using an emery cloth still the best method for this?

    Thanks, rick

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    Re: Making Chrome look 'old'

    If you sand it, the thing is probably going to rust like an old tin can. If that 's what you want, go for it.
    Or, you could strip the chrome, using muriatic acid, to expose the nickel, which has a more antique look to it, and the stripping will dull the finish. The nickel will still afford corrosion protection.
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      Re: Making Chrome look 'old'

      Thanks. I know this post & question is kind of 'reverse' of what everyone is doing but in this specific case, it is. I love the products you sell and your powercoating paint is the best.

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