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  • VHT Clear Coat Question

    My question doesn't really have anything to do with actually building an oven, just using one...
    I bought a rattle can of VHT Clear Coat (Silica-Ceramic Coating) to coat the exhaust pipe on my vintage motocross bike and the directions say to cure it in an oven at 250?, 400? and then 600?. Can I use my gas kitchen oven (the same one I'll be cooking dinner in later) and if so, do I have to suspend the pipe in the oven or can it rest on the wire rack? Also, the directions say to apply several thin I need to cure after each thin coat or after the final coat? Lastly, will I be eating Clear Coat-flavored turkey on Thanksgiving?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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    Re: VHT Clear Coat Question

    No.. dont cure anything in an oven you plan on cooking in later....
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      Re: VHT Clear Coat Question

      NNNOOOOOO dont use your kitchen oven. Yes hang the part unless you want lines on it. Bake it after all the coats are on it.