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Black finish over chrome on golf club

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  • Black finish over chrome on golf club

    This may have been covered already, but I couldn't find anything on it. Is there a finish that can be applied over existing chrome on a golf club (soft Japanese carbon steel) that will be durable in either a black chrome look or a black satin or oil can finish look.

    If so, where can I get the product and what are the procedures to achieve a black chrome finish or a matte black, oil can finish. thanks in advance, Roger

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    Re: Black finish over chrome on golf club

    Im not sure of anything that can be applied after chrome to achieve this look
    you can not plate over chrome at all .A satin finish is achieved before plating .
    Usually the strike zone of a golf club has a satin finish
    Jim Eaton


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      Re: Black finish over chrome on golf club

      Thanks Jim, do you know of any kind of finish that would be durable that would make chrome black or dark?


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        Re: Black finish over chrome on golf club

        Possibly a powder coat like Liquid Smoke. A few guys are PC'ing candies over chrome on motorcycles. I can't say myself on the durability on a club head but there is a metal wood done in the album. SS


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          Re: Black finish over chrome on golf club

          Sswee is correct - powder coating with Liquid Smoke would be your best option. You could strip the chrome off and Black Krome plate the nickel that is under the chrome, but it would need to be clear coated or the Black Krome will wear off very quickly.
          Mike Caswell
          Caswell Inc

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            Re: Black finish over chrome on golf club

            Really i would strip it and rechrome it with black chrome the powder coating would work also . I chrome plate a lot of club heads here in the area. The real fact of the matter is that most golfers put dings in there
            clubs regularly so its kind of an on going thing I have customers that come back 2 and 3 times a month
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            Jim Eaton


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              Re: Black finish over chrome on golf club

              Thanks for all the input. The clubs that I have are expensive custom clubs forged in Japan at the famous (at least to golf club aficionados) Miura forging house in Himeji City Japan. They are forged from mild steel to precise specs and are highly coveted clubs. The big manufactures like Titleist and TaylorMade send their prototype club designs to Miura to be forged for their PGA Tour players. The Tour players do not play with the Chinese mass produced clubs that are sold to the general public.

              Anyway, I love these clubs except for the fact that they have a polished chrome finish. So I am just looking for a way to cut down on the glare and I have always liked the look of a gunmetal or black oxide finish.

              What if I just stripped the chrome and left the nickel? Would it still have the polished chrome look to it? Would it rust? I wouldn't mind a controlled rust. What is the best way to strip the chrome?


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                Re: Black finish over chrome on golf club

                To remove Chrome and Rust
                first you will need a tank large enough to hold the part a piece of stainless steel size depends on the part you are de plating a power source battery charger will work
                there are different type of Acid Pickles they are explained in greater detail on pages 34 35 and 36
                of the Caswells Plating Manual
                WARNING ! Never pour water into Acid always pour acid into water
                Pickle 1 used for mild etching before plating
                to make this solution
                20 parts fresh water to 1 part muriatic Acid for etching soak part for 1 to 15 minn 1 hour will remove rust from most steel

                Pickle 2 also rust remover and de- plater
                to make
                2 parts fresh water 1 part muriatic acid
                to remove Chrome hook you positive lead to you part and your negative lead to the stainless
                adjust your power to 1 amp per sq inch de-plating should be complete in approx 15 to 20 minn
                DO NOT use this method on Pot metals or aluminum !!!!
                Jim Eaton