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VHT Wheel Paint

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  • sswee
    Re: VHT Wheel Paint

    That's one way. It depends on the condition of the rims and the materials being used. If the rims are in good shape you can scotch brite the rims and feather out any chips or blemishes and coat. You need to see what the VHT recommends. SS

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  • base729
    started a topic VHT Wheel Paint

    VHT Wheel Paint

    I have aluminum rims on my chevy truck which are aluminum and are painted with clear coat. The truck is black and I want the 'black on black' look of black rims. I don't want to spend a ton, so I was looking at the VHT wheel paint. Not an expert on painting, but I'm guessing the process would be:

    1. Strip the existing clear coat
    2. Prime the wheels
    3. Paint the wheels
    4. clear coat the wheels

    Does this sound correct?