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DIY hot wash tank

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    Re: DIY hot wash tank

    Wow! I have been looking for a cleaning system and ideas and here it is! I am very interested in the HF system you guys are referring too. Please send me pictures and information- I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance.

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      Re: DIY hot wash tank

      In my day job as a licensed water treatment specialist, the filter set-ups sound great. With the 'String wound gradient density' filters you need to be aware that there is what is called dumping. Because of the porous nature of the filter, when it gets full it will dump to your second filter causing it to clog faster. My suggestion would be to change your 5 micron a little more frequently than your your 1 micron or even your .5. Since you don't have gauges to look at the pressure gradient from inflow to outflow you would definately need to pay attention to output flow at your cleaning nozzle. Also, keep in mind that the sprial wound filter is usually only good up to about 150 degrees. Beyond that, it starts to melt.


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        Re: DIY hot wash tank

        Hey dekebell glad we could help,
        A link to the tank can be found at
        Menards sells them under the brand name TOOL SHOP.

        A couple of helpful modifacations are:

        Adding 2 inches of pink insulation foam (R value of 11)to the outside of the tank.
        Glueing 2 windshield wipers to the bottom inside of the cover near the hinge prevents condensation from running down the back of the tank.
        I just attach the incoming line of the filter system to the nozzle of the sprayer with a hoseclamp with which I replaced the screw with a thumb screw.

        As for performance it heats up from 70 to 140 in about 40 minutes. when the lid is closed the heat element run between 5 an 10 minutes per hour. When the lid is open the element runs between 10 and 20 minutes per hour.



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          Re: DIY hot wash tank

          Originally posted by jrow

          Have you thought about using an automotive oil filter on your setup?


          I liked your work on this project. Filtration is the remaining project I have to undertake on my parts washer.

          The 2/03 Auto Restorer magazine had an article where the fellow recommended a tractor fuel filter from Tractor Supply that has 2 internal mesh screens that can be cleaned TSC # 3350-0059A (bar code # 3494? 00335), Poly Line Strainer, Screen 90/20, NPT of 1?

          then a reader recommended (6/03) using a hydraulic fluid filter - no word if anyone tried one.

          The original writer tried an oil filter and found it was too good and cut his flow when it got dirty, which didn't take long.

          The best approach is to use 2 baths, one for dirty parts and one for parts cleaned in the "dirty" bath. Filtering would help with both. I don't have room for 2 baths though.

          See the parts washer page on my site,

          When you