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    Hey caswell, just wanted to share with you nice work with the site and business. Great deal on the buffing wheels.

    I had a few questions:

    1.) What is the difference between your finger buffs and standard compressed ventilated buffing wheels.

    2.) Have you thought about selling any coatings similar to the Jet Hot and ceramic coatings? Ones capable of withstanding 1500+ degrees and having a almost chrome finish?

    3.) When buffing cast alum. which would be a better method to remove the cast and speed up the process, the greaseless compounds or the Glue + emory?


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    Re: Your site

    We don\'t sell a ventilated buff yet, but the finger buffs will perform very similarly, except that some of them are more for cut down work.

    I\'m not sure of what you mean by JET HOT & ceramic

    There is no one best method, you could use the Expanding Wheel, the glue & emery system, or greaseless.
    It would depend on the size of the part and the intricacy as to which one you use.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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