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Can you dip Ceramic Coating.

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  • Can you dip Ceramic Coating.

    Just wondering if it is possible to dip ceramic coating in a tank instead of spraying it?

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    Re: Can you dip Ceramic Coating.

    yes you can dip it but it is not the preferred way to do it. think about a flat sheet when you dip and pull it out the excess will start to run off. the coating at the top will be thinner than that on the bottom. if you want to do it so as to get the inside of header tubes, then the answer is yes but it will take a good amount to be able to submerse them. hope this helps bro.
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      Re: Can you dip Ceramic Coating.

      To get the inside, cap the end, pour coating in & turn the pipes to spread it, pour out excess, cure. try to use just enough, I think you will have adhesion problems if you reuse the excess. Tricky stuff!
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