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  • Hello to All

    I do powder coating, but I am interested in plating also. I am trying to find out what kits from caswell I need. What is the chrome like substance on the plastic center caps for rims and auto emblems? Is there a kit for this? Also what kit is good for chromeing items like tools, rims, valve covers? Do you need to nickle plate before you chrome an item? Any info would be great!

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    Re: Hello to All

    well i guess no one wanted to reply. I found the pick a kit helper and answered most of my questions. Thanks anyway!


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      Re: Hello to All

      Hey tnc,

      The first step to getting started is buying the online manual from Caswell. The manual walks you step through the plating process and only costs 10 or 15 bucks.

      Once you understand the process and most of the terminology. Spend a few hours going through old forum posts. I found many of my question were all ready answered. The ask away.

      Many people only check the forum once or twice a day so be patient


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        Re: Hello to All

        Yes and the first thing to plating is (PATIENCE) and then try to find a local plater or one close enough to visit and see what its all about.....I had a guy drive 4hrs to see if he wanted to get into it....


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          Re: Hello to All

          Thanks for the info!!!