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Anodizing using RIT dyes Question

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  • Anodizing using RIT dyes Question

    I was wondering if anyone had any different problems using different colors of RIT dye to color your anodized part?

    I did a part the other night and used the Royal blue color on it and it turned out just fine, although it was a little more purple than I wanted.
    But I did some parts last night, the exact same way I did the first ones but I used the dark green dye this time, and when I sealed the part almost all of it came off leaving a real light green when I wanted a dark green.

    Are there differences in the colors that one will work better than the others?
    I just ordered some dyes from Caswell today in hopes that will fix my problem.
    Anyone know if the Caswell green is a real bright one?

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    It is a bright green, but color results are primarily a result of the anodizing process, rather than a problem with the dye.

    Quality dyes (which ours are) will certainly help get results, but things like power and temperature during anodizing affect pore size, which affects dying.

    If you have problems with the dyes you bought from us, open a Problem Report in our support section.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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      I got the dyes today, man what a difference. I wont ever use RIT dyes again.


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        I have to say that the dyes I purchased from Caswell are first rate and are exactly what I wanted. I have been nothing but impressed with their results.

        RIT dyes, well uhmm.... leave them at the grocery store