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    Hopefully this is the right Forum for this but...

    Is Caswell the manufacturer of the VHT line of paints?
    I cannot find any reference for that on the Net and have a question for them. Many distribtors out there but no manufacturer info.

    Anyhow, even if Caswell is not, you might be able to answer this for me:

    I bought a couple of cans of VHT Engine Enamel color "Bright Red".
    I prep'd the block and tranny according to instructions on the can.
    I proceeded to paint.
    Turned out great! A beautiful "Bright Red" color.

    Installed the Engine back in the car. Ran it for ohhh maybe 100 miles.
    The beautiful "Bright Red" had turned "Orange"!!!!!

    My first thought was; "I screwed up!", I grabbed the Chevy Orange can.
    Nope, double checked it. It says, "Bright Red"

    Any idea why this happened?

    I am repainting it again and don't want this to happen again.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Winston Ojeda
    Milwaukee, WI

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    The manufacturer is PJH Brands at

    It shouldn't have changed colors on you, since it's designed to withstand the heat of an engine.

    Give them a call and see what they suggest.

    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
    Need Support? Visit our online support section at


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      Thanks for the info.
      It has been about a week since I emailed them and there has not been any replies.
      It's no wonder VHT paints don't hold up. How can they make a quality product if they can't even answer a simple email?

      Now if I want to find out about this color shifting problem it is going to cost me some money on a phone call since they don't even have an 1-800 for support either.
      It seems that customer service is way down on their list.

      Oh, well, Eastwood Co. just came out with a new Engine Paint System. I think I'll give it a try. At least I know they do return emails in case I have a question. They also have an excellent customer service.

      Thanks for the smoke blowing space.


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        Sometimes a phone call is much better than e-mail. If they're anything like us (and they're much bigger), they get nearly 500 e-mails a day to answer.
        Mike Caswell
        Caswell Inc
        Need Support? Visit our online support section at


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          Before you order from Eastwood remember that they don't manufacture the paint system, they buy from the manufacturer and have it packaged and then sell it so don't be disapointed if it's the same product in a different can.


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            Yeap. I knew that. But if anything goes wrong, it has been my experience they stand behind their products. !00% They are expensive, that is for sure though.

            AFAIK, VHT does not make an engine enamel that is brushable and uses a two part catalytic. This one does.

            The one I like to try is:

            Engine Paint System Red
            Item No. - 10370 Z
            Engine Paints with Attitude - Looking for an eye catching look for your motor and other underhood details? Try these durable high-gloss urethane finishes available in a wide range of colors. Includes enough paint with reactor to coat most engine blocks with included brush. Covers quickly so only one or 2 coats are needed. Includes a 14 oz net wt. aerosol can of Engine Cleaner, 4.5 fl. oz. of paint, 1.5 fl. oz. of reactor, application brush and complete instructions. Follow all label and package instructions when using this product. Heat resistant to 950 degrees F.

            Intro pricing...$42.99 Save $4.96

            I emailed pjh brands again two days ago and nothing still... There is only one adress in their web site [email protected]. I swear this is a fake address and there it no one answering any mail there. That is just poor poor customer service if any. Sad!

            I'll use my four cans ot VHT to paint my doughter's bike. I'll get to good stuff for my engine. The bike can turn any color if it wants.


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              "4.5 fl. oz. of paint, 1.5 fl. oz. of reactor, application brush "

              You only need 6oz of mixed paint to brush paint an engine block?

              Doesn't sound like much to me, but I don't brush paint blocks yet.
              Does sound expensive! But if it works and holds up forever..... Better than pulling the engine for a new paint job latter.

              Is that just for the bare block, or is that supposed to be enough for the whole engine? Heads, intake if you want them the same?