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  • Engine turned finishing

    I would like to experiment with engine turned finishes for the aluminmum alloy dash of my old Jag. I've read some web-posted articles and have made a jig to get the controlled spacing required for the pattern I want but now I need some polishing bobs and some further info on recommended abrasives for working this type of pattern into polished aluminum surfaces.
    If my efforts with the dash are successful, I'd like to apply the engine turned finish to the alloy valve covers and the inlet manifold too perhaps.
    Any suggestions on 3/4" or 1" diameter polishing bobs and abrasive materials, other than valve grinding pastes please?
    Thanks, JM

    I hope that my description of an "engine turned finish" doesn't get me into a discussion of jewelery engraving machines etc. I'm simply refering to a regularly repeated, overlapping circular polishing finish, not the sophisticated, machine produced engraving patterns used by jewelers and gunsmiths etc.

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    I have done this type of finish before using a drill press, a wooden dowel and some abrasive paste. Take your time to get the spacing right or you will loose the effect.