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Antique heavy copper hand annealed fireplace kettle

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  • Antique heavy copper hand annealed fireplace kettle

    I have this 3 foot diameter, 3 foot high copper kettle that was hand made and has an Iron ring under the copper folded over rim. The iron handle is riveted to this ring and folds down. two problems. 1. How do I clean up this kettle which is just about black with age patina. 2. How do I stop the electrolysis which is occuring where the iron ring is in contact with the folded over copper rim (it may not be possible to stop this process). Thanks a lot..

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    You can clean the kettle by polishing it. You can use our Aluminum Polishing Kit ( to polish copper.

    If your kettle is really caked with patina, you might want to bead blast it clean first.

    Sorry, I don't know how you could prevent the corrosion around the ring. Can you disassemble it?
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