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Black oxide cloudy

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  • Black oxide cloudy

    Hello everyone,

    We just received our black oxide kit yesterday and immediately put it to use with excellent results. Kit paid for itself in one day and we only used 1/2 of the solution.

    Only thing we've noticed is that the solution has turned cludy as if milk had been poured into it, we were wondering if this was normal or if we've contaminated the solution. We degreased the parts witrh lacquer thinner and then thoroughly washed them with water, could the thinner be the problem?

    What would be the best product to degrease the parts before dipping in the black oxide?



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    Re: Black oxide cloudy

    Chances are the laquer could be the problem.

    Try our degreasers or use hot water and dish soap to clean the parts.

    If the solution still gives you good results, keep using it.
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      Re: Black oxide cloudy

      I know this is old but I want to ask a question on this same line. I use the BO kit for tool blackening. I have a couple questions

      My solution gets cloudy and has loads of white flaky material. What causes this and how can I correct it?

      I bead blast the parts first, blow off with air. Dip in solution 3-10 min. rinse with water, blow off with air and then dip in sealer. Let dry and then wipe off with rag.

      Is there a better way? I wanted to know if using a vibratory tumbler would be a better way to clean?

      Next question, how do you dispose of solution? I have not dumped it yet. Also what about the water bath. Can they just be dumped or do they need to be disposed of in a special way?