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  • Krylon Fusion Orange Peel

    Wasn't sure which forum to drop this in...

    I shot some of the Krylon Fusion gloss black paint over two coats of adhesion promoter on a plastic substrate yesterday, and it orange peeled like a chief. Why? I've shot this plenty of times before with the proper results. It's not something I did differently, bc another guy shot it on two different parts on different days (one outdoors in relatively high heat/humidity, the other in a climate controlled booth) and he brought the orange peel to my attention. Shooting from a different can immediately after in an identical environment the finish was fine. Is there some environmental factor the can could have been exposed to that would cause this? Could turning the can upside down after each use to clear the nozzle have a bad effect when the can starts to run low? (This one still has 1/3 or so of the contents and doesn't show any signs of too little propellant.)
    Figure Finishing