hello all,

I have painted the engine of my '75 Honda CB500F bike with VHT Nu-cast Aluminum and i'm pretty happy with that so far. I also bought Flameproof Clearcoat from VHT as a finish to go over the Nu-cast to create a smooth surface. Now, I tried a small part with clearcoat over the alu paint, however, the clearcoat seems to wrinkle up the underlaying paint! Not desired obviously. I have asked different paint shops what to do with this but not many have come up with a solution. I figure it is the "flameproof" that has a different base that is not compatible with other paints and should only be applied to raw metals. I reaaly do feel i should apply a clearcoat but don't know what product i should use for this. Does anyone have experience or tips to remedy this problem?

I looked at the VHT manufactuer's website and found a product called "Motor brite" (see: http://www.pjhbrands.com/vht/specialty.htm) which is a " high-temp, clear polyurethane enamel coating that restores the factory appearance to most engine components."

Could this be something to use??

Thanks for looking,