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Painting anodized aluminum

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  • Painting anodized aluminum

    I have some clear anodized motorcycle parts that I want to paint, do I need to remove the anodizing first, if so what product do you recommend, if not how should I prepare the surface for paint and do I need a special primer?

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    You don't need to do anything special to paint it. Just paint it.
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      Re: Painting anodized aluminum

      HI MIKE, i hope you dont mind me writeing this thread i wondered if you could possibly help with some advise on the above topic i to have a swinging arm that is anodised silver and has had to be ground off in places to have some alloy welding done on a bracket and i wud like to paint it satin black do you think it would be okay to key the surface of it all and then etch primer it then put on some 2k satin black would the etch primer be sufficient to provide a good bond to the anodised surface? any help wud be much appreciated thanks STU