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Taking Photos For The Gallery

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  • Taking Photos For The Gallery

    When submitting photos, here are some tips:

    If possible, place the item on, or in front of, a PLAIN background. A simple white sheet will do, or A BLANK painted wall.
    Try to use a background of a completely different color. If your subject is dark, choose a light background and visa versa.

    Try not to get all the clutter in your workshop involved. It detracts from the photo's subject.

    Try to take the picture outside, it reduces shadow from a flash.

    Often, small parts can be hung on a wire, or fishing line, these can easily be edited out of a photo if required.

    More wire (coathanger stuff) can be used behind an object to keep it upright.

    These simple precautions can make a huge difference in your photos, and give a tremendous amount of pizzazz to your work.
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