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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a jewelry designer looking to use powder coating in my designs. Got a few questions for you experienced coaters. What kind of air compressor do I need to buy and how much do they cost? I'm only going to be coating small objects (think jewelry). Can I cure this stuff in a toaster (non gas) oven without blowing up my house? Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!
    Augest D.

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    You can use a small air compressor, like one of the "pancake" compressors they sell at Home Depot, or even a portable air tank without a compressor. You just need a regulator that will adjust the pressure down to 10-15 lbs for coating. I use a small water filter on mine to help remove moisture from the air. Most of the powder guns I've seen look a little big for jewelry, but I don't think there's a reason it wouldn't work. A small electric toaster oven should work as long as you can control the temperature accurately. I doubt that I would try curing in the house... it would stink the place up. It's more of a garage or patio project. Good luck!



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      Toaster ovens work just fine for small items, but Hemi-T is right, powder smells. You have to keep clean up in mind as well, you can't vacuum loose powder.

      My only other advice is check how well a piece will take the heat, up to 450 degrees, on something expendable.


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        Hi guys,
        Thanks for your advice. I purchased a great small compressor from home depot on sale for $59.00. I plan on doing this outside because of the smell and clean-up. Thanks again.