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Top coating, one more time

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  • Top coating, one more time

    Okay, I know this question has been asked to death, but I am going to ask one more time. I have a few parts the need a base coat of a silver metallic and a top of a translucent purple. Okay I have never had good luck with a two-coat system. Here are my steps that I tried on a junk piece of metal:

    1. Base coat and then to oven for full amount of time
    2. Let piece cool around 225 degrees, when top coat the color
    3. Place in oven for full amount of time

    Item comes out with areas not covered right and topcoat does not allow base coat to shine through, topcoat is really dark. I tested the hanger to the base coat with a ohm meter to see with there is contact, but nothing. Did I apply the topcoat to heavy? Please help not sure where to go from here.

    Thanks to all the help in the past and the future.

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    Try this- First coat, cure about 15 min or 10 min after flow out.
    Let cool all the way to room temp.
    Then apply final coat, try to get similar coverage appearance as single color coat.
    Finally cure at normal temp for full time.
    Sounds like your ground is okay.