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  • mcaswell
    Re: Plug n plate kit for bathroom faucets ?

    Yes, you can apply too much powder and have it run.

    We've forwarded the over baking question to our supplier and will let you know when we get an answer.

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  • Rick M
    started a topic Power Coating

    Power Coating

    I am using the power coat system to repaint some old erector set parts. I just got to try
    out my new sprayer today very nice. Some of the pices came out different colors. I was using yellow couple of pices were real nice a
    couple came out like under spray. I though I had covered them about the same. My question is is my heat possibly inconsient or did I over bake? Another question can you apply to much power an cause the paint to run in the baking process? I have never been very good at painting but I think power coating is my answer to a good paint job for me.
    Thanks Amature Rick