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Useing an oven...Newb question.....

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  • Useing an oven...Newb question.....

    If I use the kitchen oven , will this work? I mean the parts i will coat will be about the dimention of a package of ciggaretes, small.
    Will it smell really bad or be harmful to use for cooking afterward? thanks for any help....................Russell Parish

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    Don't use your kitchen oven for powder coating! Pick up a used (possibly sitting on the curb on garbage pick-up day?) electric oven, and keep it in the garage. Powder coating will mess up your kitchen oven permanently, not to mention that your pizzas will never taste the same again Some people have successfully used small toaster ovens for cigarette pack sized things like you mentioned. The key is accurate temperature control. Use an oven thermometer to monitor the temp, not the dial on the oven. I would still cure the powder in the garage, or out on the patio. Not in the house! Good luck!



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      Thanks for the heads up, I had just gottN back from the store with a toastr oven..........
      Now if I can figure out how to not knock off the powder when transfering it to the oven I will be in shape....................Russell