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moveing part after coating???

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  • moveing part after coating???

    Once I have done my small part and am ready to transfer it to the oven, If I touch it the powder falls off
    I even tried rubber gloves.... I still take the powder off? any suggestions would be great.....................Russell

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    Once the item is dusted with powder, you can't touch it or (as you've found) it will mess up the powder. I usually hang up small items with a wire going through a screw hole, or some other place that will not be seen. Once dusted with powder, I leave the wire on the part, and hang it inside the oven for curing. Will your parts be powder coated on all sides? If not, you can carefully handle it from an un-coated side. If it needs to be coated on all sides, and your toaster oven isn't big enough to hang the part from a hook, you could coat and cure one side at a time and finish the part in two steps. Hope this helps. Good luck!



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      thanks once again for your help, My oven isnt quiet tall enough for hanging so , I will try the 2 step method. I have acomplished one part I had to rough it up a little and re coat but then it is shiny and slick and hard as hell to chip..................I will post photos after I assemble the part..................Russell