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  • Powdercoating quality...questions

    hi there, i'm never done a job myself but i have a few questions

    -I've heard that after the powdercoating gets scratches, it can flake easily, is this true?
    -are there any ways to polish the material to make the powdercoat better?

    I was planning on powdercoating my paintball gun, and i am pretty rough with it, i'm just trying to figure if anodizing would be a better way to go. thanks for your time!

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    no answers, come on people, help me out!


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      If the surface is properly prepared, and the powder is the proper thickness and properly cured, I don't think that should be a problem. I haven't any problems like that, but then again I haven't done any destructive testing. Try coating an old gun and abuse it awhile and see how it fares. Sorry I can't be more specific, but I've never coated a gun that was going to be abused, so I don't know exactly what the results will be.



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          Hard anodizing is very tough but for your purposes powder should work fine try to get an epoxy powder. As for the toughness, beat on your oven for awhile it's powdered with epoxy, most all large appliances are.


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            Epoxy powders are mostly indoor powders and wil not stand up being outside in the sun for long lengths of time. So if you use epoxy, make sure it is an exterior powder.