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metal repair prior to coating....?

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  • metal repair prior to coating....?

    I am courious, what type of material do you use to repair small imperfections in metal prior to coating? I.E deep scatches, small imperfections in welding...etc...........thanks for any input on the subject...................Russell

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    Caswell sells a metal filler called pyro puty. I have never used it but i have used the techno weld. The techno weld is good stuff, and very strong, it also lasts a while if you are just filling small in imperfections here and there, but the pyro putty would probally be your best bet.


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      thanks for the reply....... I think I will try J.B. weld.
      it is redilly avalible at most stores..................thanks...Russell


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        if you do decide to use JB weld be careful. I used it to fill a pit once and it is very touchy when sanded. When you mix it, air pockets develop so once its cured and you sand it, there is little pits at time.


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          I thought someone mentioned somewhere down the list that JB Weld would not withstand high temperatures. They called the techs at JB and asked, and were told that it would not work for powder coating. If you decide to try it anyway, please report back and let us know how it worked. I know there are lots of things that aren't supposed to work, but still do anyway



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            I've tried it a few times, in larger areas which require a little more filling it didnt work well even taking care to mix it to reduce air pockets. For small scratches etc it worked fine for me... *shrug*


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              Re: metal repair prior to coating....?

              JB Weld used to be alright...20 years ago!
              The problem with these so called repair pastes is that they are susceptible to air pockets, improper mixing, and worst of all, a relatively crappy performance once the sand paper hits it.
              The lab metal is much better, but lacks the tensile strength most of you would like to have.
              Alumiweld or technoweld works very well, but is a bit difficult to manuver if your trying to fill an obtuse area. Once it's on though, it's really on and will last!
              I've tryed it all and your best bet is to stay away from the "over the counter remedies" in this area. Stick with reputable stuff like what Caswell sells. They wouldn't be selling it if they had'nt already tried it. LOL


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                Re: metal repair prior to coating....?

                I used JB weld the other day on a piece. It works OK for light scratches but where I filled in to repair a 3/16" hole, for some reason it bubbled out during the cure.

                Now, saying that, it appears that the phosphate treatment that was put on after the JB weld may have been a cause, because I noticed some of the JB felt a little soft. I did do a customers piece that he repaired with JB and it seemed to work pretty good. So it may have been the phosphate.