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  • Powder Coat Removal

    Today I removed some powder coat with an abrasive blaster. I had never done this before so I didn't know what to expect. What I saw was the abrasive and the air seemed to cause the powder coat to "bubble up" to where you could just kind of peel it off. Now, is this typical of the way powder bonds, or am I having adhesion problems?

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    Wow, thats weird. When i try to abrasive blast a fully coated part it takes way too long for any results. I prefer chemical strippers followed by blasting. Have any pics of this occuring? I'd be interested in seeing what it looks like from a visual standpoint.


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      I never could get powder off like that. i have to use DeKote to get it off. the powder did not bond good to the metal if it came off and bubbled up like that.


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        I use chemical stpirrpes as well, with great results, you can scrap it off with a paint paddle..............Russell


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 never stated as to what you were trying to remove the powder coating from. If it is steel....may I suggest a burn off? DO NOT take a torch to the powder coating. The burning material creates a NASTY chemical and if inhaled creates Glyco-Toxemia ( a real fancy way of saying blood poisoning). You'll feel like you have had the WORST flu of your life for about 2-3 days. Take the part off to a burn-off place you can find in your yellow pages. Have them burn it, and then media blasted after to get all previously applied powder coating off. There...clean as a whistle. Secondly...I would use a chemical stripper. After that, black oxide sandblasting works. The last thing I would do would be to removing it by hand with sandpaper. You'll get nowhere fast with that. Powder coating is just too thick and solid for that unless you have no alternative.

          A hint for all you smokers out there. DO NOT powder coat and then light one up! Inadvertantly the powder will hit your cig and burn along with the head. You'll inhale and get Glyco-Toxemia as stated earler. Don't say I didn't warn you. Wash those hands and keep your butts out of your pocket when you are coating anything. YOU are just as good as a grounded substrate as far as the powder is concerened and you will find it in the darndest of places,lol
          Take care all