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Problems with clear, flowout, multiple colors, more...

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  • Problems with clear, flowout, multiple colors, more...

    hello all. I am a newbie when it comes to metal finishing. I purchased a complete powdercoating kit, and a sand blast cabinet. I work on small parts for most of the guys in our club.

    I had a problem with a wicked orange peel, but i think i fixed it (water in the line)

    I am, however, having problems with blending colors. I tried blending a light blue to reflective silver fade. The reflective silver flowd out and coated nicely...the blue, however, stayed fairly "gritty." The blue on bare metal flows out nicely.

    I have the same problem with clear. It will flow out on bare metal great and give it a nice "wet look." However, when i clear an already powdercoated piece it stays gritty and will not flow out. I tried turning up the heat a bit, but it burnt the clear. (Now I have to blast it all off and start over). I am using an infrared light as my curing source.

    One other problem that I sometimes experience is in small corners or rounded concave corners, when the powder cures, it "pulls away" from the corners...almost like it shrinks and doesnt have enough powder to cover the area. i cant figure it out. it has done it with clear and with gloss black. I usually just put a coat or two more on, and recure it. The surfaces are cleaned with acetone, prebaked, and then wiped down again. I allow them to cool, then coat, and cure. I wont handle them until they cool off.

    Any help you all can provide would be great.

    And...does anyone have any pics of the Anodized Powdercoat colors? AKA...translucent colors.

    Shane C Jackson
    Novice Powdercoater
    1966 mustang coupe
    2002 Nissan Spec V

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    I need to know your multi-color process better to tell you exactly what is wrong.Your clear second coat problem sounds like not enough powder for a good flow out. Also how are you watching part temps when you are using the lamp?Also might be too hot and not allowing enough flow out time before curing.Are you placing both colors on together before cure or curing one then adding the second coat?


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      I am monitoring part temp with a thermal laser thermometer. (i wish i had a place to put an oven) I will try to put more clear on next time to see if that will help.

      As for the multicolor. I was coating a piece of tubing. I sprayed half of it with a chrome-like color. Then I switched colors and did the other half with a light blue and thinned it out over the chrome. Then I heated the part for cure. Is there a better way to do this?

      Thanks for your response.


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        Your spray method sounds okay as long as you see a good heavy coverage.What temp are you trying to maintain with the lamp?