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Powdercoat cylinder heads?

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  • Powdercoat cylinder heads?

    I have a set of cast iron cylinder heads that i want "finished." What is the best way to do this? Have them polished? Powdercoated? Plated? high heat coating? high heat paint?

    I am somewhat concerned with the heat and how the finish would hold up.

    The car is driven about 1000 miles per year.

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    It depends what kind of heads you plan to coat. Most engine parts, including heads, can be coated just fine. There are some exceptions, though. For example, 60's-80's Pontiac heads have long integrated exhaust runners that will get too hot for most coatings, including powder. There are some others too. Exhaust manifolds and headers can't be powder coated either. Those must be ceramic coated. Good luck!



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      I saw where Eastwood and a few other places are selling powder that withstands 1000 deg F.


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        I think you will fine with powdercoating the heads. I would stay away from polishing or chroming them, when you provide a smooth metal surface, you will retain heat moreso than a rougher texture. Don;t ask me why, it just does. :-> I haven't done car cylinder heads yet, but I have done Harley heads in a chrome with a clear, and they are holding up quite well. True, the engine is more exposed to cooling air, but they still run hotter than a liquid cooled engine. I believe I would give it a shot and go from there. If it does not work out, then you will know for sure. The only problem area that could be a problem would be between the exhaust ports.


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          I would not recomend coating the heads or cylinder with powder if it is an air cooled engine because the powder inhibits heat transfer. trya high temperature paint instead.