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Advice on gun upgrade

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  • Advice on gun upgrade

    I have outgrown my EW hotcoat setup, and am looking to upgrade. Looking at a Hypersmooth Pony, or the Caswell 50kv gun. Any advice pros, cons, etc.

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    Re: Advice on gun upgrade

    Can't say to much about the Pony, but have read some grumbling about it, as have I with the Caswell 50kv. I own two Caswell 50kv's, on is still in the box. I have been coating for a few years and still use my Caswell. I have made some mods to as have others. It works pretty well for a Hobby gun. By far not a pro, but I have turned out some pretty nice stuff with it. I also have the EW gun and it was okay for awhile, but don't use it much anymore. I have been thinking on selling my new Caswell if your interested. If so send me a PM.
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