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My chrome powdercoat washed off with gas. WHY?

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  • My chrome powdercoat washed off with gas. WHY?

    I chrome powdercoated my intake and got gas on it and it turned it dull. But I have stuff powdercoated black that has no effect to gas. What types of powders are durable and have no ill effects to such things as gas? I do not understand what the difference between epoxy and polyester powders are. Please help. Thanks

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    Did you put a clear coat on top of your chrome powder? That may be the problem, the chrome needs to have a clear put on it to protect it from the 'environment'. It will turn to a dull primer type color when exposed for a period of time. Possibly the gas sped up this process immensly. If I were you, just to make sure, try and spray another piece of metal, put clear on it, then try your gas, see what happens then? Probably nothing, but your chrome will be more of a bright silver with the clear on it. So not perfect, but chemical resistant.