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Chrome powder coating

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  • Chrome powder coating

    Has anyone powdercoated their motorcycle wheels with the chrome color? If so, how did they look on the wheel and does anyone have any pics?


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    I have a motorcycle wheel that was done in 'almost chrome' from Eastwood. It does not have a clear on it, and it won;t because we are changing the color of it now. I can take a pic of it if you'd like and send it to you. Leave me your addy, and I will soon as i can.


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      i use a ton of chrome powder...and the best ive found is the new reflective chrome from eastwood.

      as with any chrome powder clear is a must if it will see exterior use.


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        Email is [email protected]

        Has anyone experienced a chrome powdercoating dull out? (almost to a gray) I have seen that happen on some car parts that were coated. Also, what would be the best bet; to powder coat or to ceramic coat a motorcycle wheel? Thanks


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          Yes, i have seen it dull out, this is because it did not have the clear on it. I would PC the part, no reason to ceramic it other than looks. I will get that pic out to you tomorrow once I get a digi pic of the wheel.


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            I am sorry for not sending the pic, my digital camera stopped working on me, the day I was trying to snap a shot. But, if you look on this website for customer pics, someone has the chrome/clear on some air intake tubes, that is what it will look like.