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are the Caswell powders resistant to acetone or xylene?

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  • are the Caswell powders resistant to acetone or xylene?

    I need a powder coat that is resistant to acetone and/or xylene.
    Are the Caswell powders resistant to these solvenets and if not, what powder coats are?

    thanks for any info.

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    Rubbing a powder coated part with MEK or a xylene-MEK mixture is a way to test for a fully cured coating. Since acetone has properties similiar to MEK, a fully-cured powder coating (from any manufacturer's powder should be resistant to xylene and acetone.

    However, I am not sure the coating would hold up to being soaked for extended periods in those chemicals.


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      Thanks for the info.

      One of the things I'm testing out, is to heat transfer a design from a laser printer, Via heat transfering the toner onto the base metal. Then powder coating the metal. After curing, if the powder coat is resistant to xylene, I should be able to wipe off the printer toner with a xylene soaked rag.

      The cured powder coat on the metal should stay, while the powder coat painted on the toner should wipe away with the disolved toner.

      Haven't tried it yet, but I'm hopeful.


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        I hate to discourage anyone but your printer efforts are not going to work.
        The powder will form a solid layer over the ink,with no break lines in the powder you won,t be able to simply remove the powder covering the ink.
        Also chemicals that affect powder attack it at the adhesion point starting from the powder edges and creeping underneath to release the bond. Let us not forget that you will need to get the xylene through the powder to remove the toner. My suggestion is to print onto the powder instead of under it or clear powder over the toner.